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The financial data platform built for humans.

Access 40+ years of world-class raw financial data from more than 30k companies across the globe.


Seamlessly integrates with Google Sheets.

All of our endpoints can be returned as a CSV instead of JSON for easy integration with your favourite spreadsheets. Leverage the power of spreadsheets to build powerful investment tools fit for your individual strategy.

Insights into the holding segments.

Understand which investor groups own what shares.

Relevant docs.

Track insider trading.

Accurate and up to date insider transactions. Understand when company insiders are buying and selling their own shares including option exercising.

Relevant docs.

Historical financial statements, metrics & ratios.

Get 40+ years of financial statements, metrics and ratios.

Support for major exchanges.


    • NASDAQ
    • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
    • Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)
    • Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3)

      Asia Pacific

    • Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)
    • Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX)
    • National Indian Stock Exchange (NSEI)
    • Shenzen Stock Exchange (SZSE)


    • German Electronic Exchange (XETRA)
    • EuroNext (ENX)
    • London Stock Exchange (LSE)
    • Moscow Stock Exchange (MOEX)
    • Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE)
    • Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX)


  • 500 API calls per month.
  • 10 requests per second.
  • Access to all endpoints.
  • 10k API calls per month.
  • 15 requests per second.
  • Premium Support.
$ 7.75 / mo
  • Unlimited API calls.
  • 30 requests per second
  • Commercial licensing.
$ 25.00 / mo

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